Welcome to G.E.A.R.!


Seven community members have gotten together to form a 501c3 called the Goodrich Enrichment Activities and Revitalization, or G.E.A.R.  for short.

We have organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes with a mission to inspire and nurture a philanthropic legacy for civic connection, enrichment and educational opportunities within the community. Our goal is to foster a vision for the improvement, development, maintenance, operation, preservation, study and acquisition of parks, gardens, woodlands and wetlands, and their associated lands.

We are excited to plan activities that will bring more families downtown, provide activities for people of all ages, and raise money for community park projects.

Tim Baracco
Crystal Chapa
Nicole Ramos
Marisa Swartz
Michelle Smith
Katie Vick
Toni Yaklin

For more information please call/text Michelle at 248 330-7911 or send us an email.

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